Policy politics continues to grow at astounding speed. The combative nature of town halls shape how law makers perceive the world around them. From the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street, activists are shaping public policy more than ever before. You need to fully understand the politics of any issue and how to manage your way through it. At Summit Group we will develop an overall coordinated plan from managing grassroots efforts, educating the media, to opening the doors to key staff, opinion leaders and lawmakers so that they can hear your message clearly.

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You can't plan for the worst case scenario, but you can put systems in place to manage your way to a successful conclusion. This means taking action when no crisis exists, so if something goes wrong you have a response mechanism that is based on fact, addresses consumer concerns, and puts you in position to survive and then thrive again.

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The average Member of Congress goes through six elections during their entire elective career in Congress. At Summit Group we run thirty campaigns or more every two years. That aggregate experience gives us insights on what it takes to run a successful campaign for public office or for a ballot measure. You don't want to rely on a volunteer to give you their best guesses, you want a well thought out message plan, a campaign strategy that targets the right voters with the right message that makes sure you get to fifty one percent on election day. If you want to win, you need the team that does it consistently and effectively.

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